The Bethlehem Central United Employees Association

The Bethlehem Central United Employees Association is an Affiliate of NYSUT. The Association is a non-profit organization formed to carry out the following purposes:

  • To promote free discussion among members of the Association and formulate policies regarding the solution of problems and questions which affect their welfare.
  • To organize and conduct meetings devoted to the discussion of all matters which would promote better understanding among its members and its employer.
  • To represent the Non-instructional employees of the BCSD by meeting with the Board of Education or its representative to negotiate conditions of employment.
  • To promote a free exchange between this and other groups to promote a better understanding of problems and to give and receive assistance in areas where such assistance will be of mutual benefit.

2013-2014 Important Dates and Announcements

BCUEA Election Committee Flyer - information about the election process

Wed., May 21st, 5:00 pm

General Membership Meeting in the HS Audiorium.
Meeting & Election of Officers for 2014-15 school year